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Roger of Stanegrave’s Li Charboclois d’armes du conquest precious de la Terre saint de promission

Extant in only one heavily damaged manuscript, the Carbuncle of Arms was Roger of Stanegrave’s treatise for the reconquest of the Holy Land. Unlike many other such works, however, including those of men who, like Roger, had lived in the East in the last years of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, Roger’s work included personal reminiscences of his time as an ambassador of Edward I at Acre in 1271 and as a Hospitaller knight stationed at Margate in 1280. Captured by the Mamluks, perhaps in 1281, he remained a prisoner in Egypt for 34 years before returning to England, where he wrote his treatise in 1331.

London, British Library, MS Cotton Otto D. V. ff. 1-15r (unique).

Roger of Stanegrave. “L’Escarboucle d’armes de la conquête précieuse de la Terre saints de promission.” In Projets de croisade, edited by Jacques Paviot. Paris, France:  PU MIDI, 2008. 293-387.