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Our Team

We welcome contributions to the site and invite interested scholars and students to contact us with queries about the material presented here, or about opportunities to participate in further developments with the site or related scholarly activity.

Dr. Laura Morreale - Project Director

Laura Morreale is the Associate Director of Medieval Studies at Fordham University. Her scholarly interests relate to the study of the vernacular as a novel mode of discourse in the later Middle Ages, and her dissertation, Chronicle and Community in Northern Italy, 1270-1360, concerns the introduction of the Italian vernacular into local historical writing. She has recently written about the interaction between French and Italian vernacular traditions in thirteenth-century Florentine historiography (Speculum, October, 2010), and has produced an English translation of Martin da Canal’s Old French history of Venice, Les Estoires de Venise (Unipress, 2009). She also edits Fordham’s French of Italy website.

Dr. Nicholas Paul - Contributing Editor

Nicholas Paul is an assistant professor of History at Fordham University. He recieved his M.Phil and PhD from Cambridge University, where he wrote a dissertation on the place of the crusades within the collective memory of medieval noble families. He has published articles in The Journal of Medieval HistoryThe Haskins Society Journal and Speculum. He co-edited (with Suzanne Yeager) the collection entitled Remembering the Crusades: Myth, Image, and Identity published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. His first monograph, To Follow in Their Footsteps: The Crusades and Family Memory in the High Middle Ages is forthcoming in 2012 from Cornell University Press. His current research interests include the crusades, the material and cultural world of the medieval nobility, literacy and social memory.

Advisory Board


DR. TERESA SHAWCROSS, Princeton University

PROFESSOR DAVID TROTTER, Aberystwyth University