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Jean d’ Outremeuse’s Ly Myreur des Histors

A world chronicle from Priam until 1340, the Myreur des histors, incorporates both materials from Latin chronicles and vernacular chansons de geste. Although Jean took a decided interest in the history of his native Liège, the history is universal. Volumes 4 and 5 of the only complete edition recount events in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem and on Lusignan Cyprus.

Brussels, Bibliothèque royale de Belgique, MSS:
10455-10456 (Paper, 1400),

II 30291 (Paper, s. xv-xvi),

10463 (Paper, s. xvi),

19303-6 (Paper, s. xv),

II 3030 (Paper, s. xvi-xvi),

II 3029 (Paper, s. xv-xvi)

d’Outremeuse, Jean. Ly Myreur des histors, chronique de Jean des Preis dit d’Outremeuse, 6 volumes.  Edited by Adolphe Borgnet. Paris, France: Librairie Renouard 1864-1880.

Secondary Literature
For bibliography and further info see Arlima