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Cypriot-French Repertory

This sporadically-illuminated manuscript, of which there is only one copy surviving in the National Library of Turin, contains a poyphonic repertory of 219 pieces, including movements of the Mass, isorhythmic motets, and other secular songs. Dated to the early fifteenth century by a Papal letter on the first page, the text contains five sections.

Representative MSS
Turin, Bibliotheca Nazionale. J. II. 9.

Wold, Johannes, ed. Handbuch der Notationskunde I. Kleine Handbücher der Musikgeschichte nach Gattungen. Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 1963 [1913].

Secondary Literature
Hoppin, Richard H. "The Crypriot-French Repertory of the Manuscript Torino, Biblioteca Nazionale J. II. 9." Musica Disciplina (1957).