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The Lyon Eracles

Taking its name from the archive where it currently resides, this continuation of Eracles was produced in Acre and dates to the late thirteenth century. This manuscript has held particular importance since the nineteenth-century, when editors of Eracles used this manuscript among others in completing their edition for the Recueil des Historiens des Croisades (RHC).

The Lyon Eracles contains a uniquely detailed account of the period between 1184 and 1197, a critical time in the history of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Furthermore, the textual source of this detailed narrative sequence remains contested. M. R. Morgan privileged narrative of this manuscript because she believed that the 1184-1197 section of the Lyon Eracles was the closest surviving edition of the original chronicle of Ernoul, the Ibelin loyalist whose historical work otherwise survives only as part of the Ernoul-Bernard compilation. More recently Peter Edbury has challenged this view, arguing that this text is a mid thirteenth-century reworking by a copyist located in Outremer. It should thus properly be seen as a variant version of the Acre Continuations.

Lyon, Bibliothèque de la Ville, MS 29 (Vellum, 1280).

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English translation of portions of the Lyon Eracles:
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Secondary Literature
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