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Les Memoires de Henri de Valenciennes

Henri de Valenciennes was a chronicler of the Latin Empire of Constantinople, following the model of Geoffrey de Villehardouin's Chronique de la prise de Constantinople. Valenciennes, a cleric, set off on the Fourth Crusade as part of the army of Henry of Flanders and following the conquest of Constantinople by western forces in 1204, became a canon in the church of Hagia Sophia. In 1206, when Henry of Flanders succeeded his brother Baldwin as emperor of the newly-formed Latin Empire, Valenciennes started compiling a chronicle focused heavily upon the deeds of his patron. The work, stylistically patterned after Geoffrey de Villehardouin's Chronique de la prise de Constantinople, begins in 1206, the year of Henry's accession, taking over roughly at the point at which Villehardouin's chronicle ends. Valenciennes' chronicle confines itself to events within the Latin Empire, and stops abruptly in either the year 1209 or 1210, depending on the manuscript tradition. Copies of Valencienne's chronicle quickly found their way to the west, usually as addenda to copies of Villehardouin's text. Thus, Valenciennes' chronicle most often appears together with Villehardouin's chronicle in the surviving manuscript tradition. Abridged versions appear in at least two later manuscripts of Baldwin of Avesnes' Chronique Universelle, originally compiled in northern France in the late 13th century. The majority of the known manuscripts containing Valenciennes' chronicle were copied in the west.

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