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Diplomatic Texts from the Royal and Noble Houses of the Levant

Although there exists no comprehensive collection of diplomatic texts from the royal and noble courts of the Levant, historians have searched through manuscript collections to compile a catalog of extant (and lost) documents relating to these important administrative acts. Of the numerous documents that come to us from the noble courts of Jerusalem and other cities in the Levant, a small number of them appear in French. Below is a listing of those documents, in chronological order, with the earliest documents listed first. Also listed are documents with no specified production locale, but which came from members of the noble houses of the Levant.

A list of documents coming from the courts of the kings and noble houses of Jerusalem can be found in the following:

Röhricht, Reinhold, ed. Regesta Regni Hierosolymitani (MXCVII-MCCXCI). Libraria Academic Wagneriana, 1893; Additamentum, 1903.

The following is more complete, with full text of all documents:

Meyer, Hans Eberhard, ed. Die Urkunden der Lateinischen Konige von Jerusalem. Altfranzosichen texte erstellet von Jean Richard. Hannover, Germany: Hahnsche Buchandlung, 2010.

When applicable, both sources give an indication of where the French-language texts are published. We have linked to these editions when possible.

Documents can also be found in the following editions:

Strehlke, Ernestus, ed. Tabulae ordinis Theutonici. Berlin, Germany: Weidmanus, 1869.

Delaville le Roulx, J.Cartulaire Général de l’Ordre des Hospitaliers de S. Jean de Jérusalem. Paris, France: Ernest Leroux, 1894-1906.

Many of these same texts reappear in the lists of Diplomatic Texts from the Military Orders, as they were frequent interlocutors with the noble courts of the East.

Representative MSS


Secondary Literature