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Annales de Terre Sainte (Gestes des Chiprois version)

The version of the Annales de Terre Sainte found in the Gestes des Chiprois manuscript is in fact a succession of smaller, self-contained texts that recount the history of the crusades and the Latin East from 1095 to 1291, primarily in the form of brief chronological entries. Since the first few pages of the Gestes manuscript are missing, this version of the Annales begins in 1131, but the annalistic entries reappear within the other works in the codex and extend as late as 1243.

Representative MSS
Royal Library ofTurin, MS Varia 433

Raynaud, Gaston, ed. Les Gestes des Chiprois. Vol. 5. Genève: Société de l’Orient Latin, 1887.